Riding Lessons

Lessons at Lucky 12 Equine are tailored to each individual rider. We offer programs for beginner to advanced riders, regardless of discipline.

First Rides

Whether the rider is an adult or a child, our priority is safety. Horses are large – there’s no getting around that. When you are just starting out we want to lay the groundwork for good habits regardless of where your interest takes you. All beginner students will learn basic horse anatomy, how to properly groom a horse, what the different elements of the tack are called and how they are put on the horse, and very importantly – how to walk a horse into the arena.


All students, regardless of age, must wear an ASTM/SEI-certified riding helmet. We have a variety of appropriately sanitized helmets you may borrow, or you can purchase your own. Helmets should fit snugly with a snug chin strap.  Horsetown, Dover Saddlery, Atlanta Saddlery, and some Tractor Supply stores carry helmets. Each brand has its own type of fit so you should try on as many as you can with help from someone who is knowledgeable.


We want everyone to leave the barn smiling. We are so happy to share our love of horses with you and want each experience you have with us to be a good one.  Our staff, our regular lesson clients, our boarders – we are all happy to answer questions or lend a hand during your visit.